адвокат адвокатская деятельность Дмитрий Бахарев защита в суде защита на предварительном следствии защитник адвокат Бахарев Раменское адвокатура полковник Квачков уголовный процесс суд убийство адвокатские услуги адвокат Д.С. Бахарев суд присяжных представительство в суде полковник Хабаров православие адвокатская монополия полиция история Адвокат Дмитрий Бахарев Верховный суд РФ болотная оппозиция уголовное дело приморские партизаны Россия Буданов адвокатская тайна Северный Кавказ арест Клуб "Опричник" БОРН задержание митинские милиционеры Московский городской суд Чечня Славянский Союз лишение свободы политика Сагра НСО-Север экстремизм Боевая Организация Русских Националистов ФПА РФ прения сторон Государственная Дума политический заключенный СИЗО коррупция правосудие СК РФ Славянская Сила ВС РФ вооружённый мятеж Мосгорсуд США ножевой бой защита от уголовного преследования УПК РФ свидетель Владивосток защита прав хулиганство ретро гастарбайтеры гражданский процесс Санкт-Петербург оглашение приговора дело СПАСа Дагестан ЭПО "РУССКИЕ" Формат-18 Минобороны РФ уголовная ответственность ст. 282 УК РФ законопроект стрельба экстрадиция штраф Стража Руси юриспруденция Конституционный Суд РФ террористический акт Минск война Имперская Партия ювенальная юстиция Сербия Украина мошенничество ГД РФ приватизация МВД РФ Москва Белгород МКА "ЭГИДА" терроризм однополые браки уголовное право тактика стрельбы юридические услуги массовые беспорядки Русские Содом и Гоморра подозреваемый национализм Dmitry Bakharev марш-бросок оправдательный приговор защитник Дмитрий Бахарев прекращение уголовного дела ислам юрист Русский Образ СССР правоохранительные органы Школа Ножевого Боя "Взмах" юридическая помощь криминал арбитраж Великий Пост РПЦ преступность УК РФ усыновление Зюзинский районный суд дело Рюхина приговор ФСБ РФ Страстная седмица Белград уголовное правосудие примирение сторон адвокат Бахарев Дмитрий Сергеевич Киров допрос Франция незаконная миграция обыск Русская пробежка последнее слово адвокатский запрос Генеральная прокуратура РФ экстремистское сообщество Германия исковое заявление КоАП РФ Псков


Russia's New Vigilantes.

Russia's New Vigilantes.

5 Марта 2013

"Inspection!" someone shouts. The dark-skinned waitresses and cleaning ladies instantly jump to their feet and rush out the back door of the restaurant with horror in their eyes. The chef hurriedly pushes some of his illegal immigrant employees under the table in his office -- and even into the kitchen fridge. When the inspector arrives, he orders a cheesecake (gratis, of course). As he eats, he assures anyone who's listening that he can smell immigrants like "rats," so he's sure to hunt them down. This is a scene from Kukhnia (The Kitchen), a popular Russian TV series based on life behind the scenes of a Moscow restaurant staffed largely by illegal workers.

The show may be fiction, but it accurately captures the rise of a new Russian chauvinism -- what the Kremlin's ideologists call the beginning of "the long-awaited patriotic revival." Muscovites commuting to work one day last November were surprised to see a few round-faced Cossacks in dark blue uniforms and tall sheepskin hats patrolling a railway station in downtown Moscow. But their appearance didn't provoke outrage; just the opposite, in fact. Most Muscovites began lamenting that there probably weren't enough Cossacks around for the thousands of illegal immigrants in the city.

Moscow's booming economy has created an insatiable market for cheap labor. The result has been a flood of immigrants from other republics of the old USSR, especially from Ukraine and the economically-stagnant Central Asian countries of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. Though the authorities claim to oppose the influx, they've done nothing to alter the nearly irresistible logic behind immigration. In 2011 the Russian government reduced the quota for immigrant workers by 163,000, to 1.2 million -- but this month the authorities reported that over three million foreigners actually live and work in Russia illegally.

Whatever the reasons, the Federal Migration Service is clearly failing to catch the illegal foreign workers with its own hands. But given the buzz of nationalism under President Vladimir V. Putin, many Russians are only too eager to chase hard-working but poor Uzbek construction workers, Filipino cleaning ladies, and Tajik street-sweepers out of the country. So when the federal government called upon ordinary people to form patrols all across the country this week, hundreds of volunteers expressed willingness to participate.

Who were the patriots willing to help out? One of them is Dmitry Demushkin, the leader of theRusskie nationalist movement (and former leader of the ultra-right, now-banned SS Party), whoexplained to Interfax that his activists were happy to become the core of such folk patrols. There are about 20,000 active participants in ultra-right groups who would be happy to cause problems for foreigners around the country, according to surveys, and many more Russians sympathize with their ideas. The respected polling organization Levada Center reported that 58 percent of Russians said they support the nationalists' slogan of "Russia for Russians!"

A few years ago, I reported on a paramilitary training exercise by Demushkin's SS activists in Kolomna, a blighted outskirts region of Moscow. We hiked for about a mile deep into the snowy woods. The nationalists in white winter camouflage demonstrated perfect organization. Some unpacked Kalashnikovs, pistols, and knives and spread them on a piece of canvas; others quickly unrolled a long red banner with the words "Slavic Force" (and the acronym "SS" in Cyrillic). For two hours Demushkin's deputy, Dmitriy Bakharev, instructed these 20-year-old, angry suburbanites how to fight with knives and move around the forest with guns. The aim: To get ready "to clean up" the country for the Russian master race.

Training sessions of this kind have been the practice for Russkie activists over the last 12 years. In one of the interviews at a bar in an outlying district of Moscow, Demushkin told me: "I recommend that the guys in the Kremlin start a dialogue with us before it's too late, since we have allies in the army, the police, and among the FSB. Otherwise we will arrange a coup; this government is showing itself as totally incapable." For years, thousands of nationalists in black balaclavas came out for anti-Putin marches to the streets of Russian major cities. So-called "Russian marches" against immigrants have been demanding the Kremlin's initiative. The current anti-immigrant initiative seems to mark a concession to these forces.

Источник:  http://www.foreignpolicy.com/articles/2013/03/04/russias_new_vigilantes

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