Comment by attorney Dmitry Bakharev for Al Jazeera.

In 2016, Dyomushkin was arrested for posting a photo of a previous Russian march in which a banner saying "Russian power in Russia" was visible. He was accused of spreading "extremism" and handed two and a half years in prison. A previous court case against him on similar charges dating from 2011 ended in early 2014 without a sentence due to an expiration of the statute of limitations.   According to his lawyer, Dmitry Baharev, who also used to be a member of the SS, the case...

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Адвокат Бахарев Дмитрий Сергеевич  является членом Адвокатской Палаты Московской области с 04 декабря 2002 года и зарегистрирован в реестре адвокатов Московской области под номером 50/241. До вступления в силу Федерального закона от 31 мая 2002 г. № 63-ФЗ «Об адвокатской деятельности и адвокатуре в Российской Федерации», с октября 2001 года по декабрь 2002 года, Бахарев Дмитрий Сергеевич осуществлял свою адвокатскую деятельность в рамках Московской коллегии адвокатов «Защита». В настоящее...

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Russia's New Vigilantes.

"Inspection!" someone shouts. The dark-skinned waitresses and cleaning ladies instantly jump to their feet and rush out the back door of the restaurant with horror in their eyes. The chef hurriedly pushes some of his illegal immigrant employees under the table in his office -- and even into the kitchen fridge. When the inspector arrives, he orders a cheesecake (gratis, of course). As he eats, he assures anyone who's listening that he can smell immigrants like "rats," so he's sure...

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Meeting the ultra-nationalist skinheads of Russia.

Then there is the lawyer, Dmitry, who spends his Sundays away from his family in the countryside with his gun, practising firing at paper targets so that, if it comes to it, he is ready to take on the immigrants. For several months, opposition protests in Russia have given liberal anti-Putin Russians an opportunity to make their feelings heard. However, it is not just liberals who have been out on the streets but other groups too, including far-right nationalists. Over the years I have met some...

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Russia begins to tackle violence against foreigners.

... sent a lawyer to defend Nikolai Korolev, the leader of another group of Russian youths, who were convicted this year of bombing a Moscow market that's popular with vendors from the Caucasus region and Central Asia, killing about a dozen people. Lawyer Dmitry Bakharev said that Korolev had joined the Slavic Union only after the August 2006 blast. Dyomushkin's group and the Movement Against Illegal Immigration, known by its Russian initials DPNI, sponsor or provide trainers to "fitness clubs"...

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Moscow Police Officers Go on Hunger Strike.

... senator’s nephew, who was allegedly involved in a drunken brawl, a lawyer for one of them said Wednesday. A criminal case against four police officers who broke up a January altercation could be sent to Moscow’s Tushinsky District Court in early December, Dmitry Bakharev, a lawyer for defendant Ruslan Kayumov, told The St. Petersburg Times. By Natalya Krainova The St. Petersburg Times MOSCOW — Two Moscow police officers have started a hunger strike after being accused of abuse of authority during...

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